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Han Isi Finance is a local Financial Institution registered under Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) of Papua New Guinea on the 26th of February, 2019 by Mr. Peter Pipon to provide financial loan services to individuals and other business entities in Papua New Guinea.

The business is registered to meet the growing demand of SME in Papua New Guinea by providing Seed Capital loan to small business owners so that together we can take part to contribute to our growing economy.

Papua New Guineans have been observing foreigners coming into their very own country to do other small business which we are able to afford but financial accessibility is a big issue. The Foreigners have capitalised on our weak areas and have taken over all small business in our cities, towns, districts and even going into our very villages to operate small trade store. Papua New Guinea citizens have become their cheap labours because we are not able to initiate our own SMEs.

Han Isi Finance will provide soft loans with low interest rate below 50% to beginners to start up individuals or corporate businesses so that they can do their own business instead of labouring for others in their own country. We have been giving away small business opportunities to foreigners very cheaply and this financial institution will be providing the way out for Papua New Guineans to be musters for themselves and be self-reliant.

We will be providing large commercial loans in the future for existing companies and businesses for business extension and encourage business growth and that will sole determine by our financial capacity and the eligibility of the business loan applicant business capacity. We are committed to our potential clients and our continuous striving for the best service to meet their satisfaction is our first priority.

The Business Objectives are;
1. Provide soft loan to Public Servants for business/SMEs to complement the Fortnightly Salary earned by the family member. This is a step towards reducing corruption in high Offices.

Every public servant is to apply for loan within the 40% of their Net Salary. The 60% of their Salary will sustain them and will not affect work performance.

Most Commercial Financial Institutions requires a lot of process and takes time to process their loan. Our service will be one day process without further delays to meet customers demand.

Extension of small business to Macro Business so that they contribute to the PNG Economy. They will play an important role to partake in the growth of our Economy instead of being spectators.

Most reserved SMEs are currently being operated by Foreigners. Our Financing will encourage citizens to initiate SMEs and grow their Financial capacity to take over businesses lost to the Foreigners.

Assist small business loan will create employment for the unemployed population, thus reducing unemployment rate. Reduce level of unemployment and Law & Order problems in towns and cities. Improve the standard of living from poor to a quality lifestyle which will enable increasing the Life Expectancy.

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Hanisi Finance strives to be competitive with other Financial Institutions in the country by providing a genuine financial service to both the public and private sector. Being a national business, it employs Papua New Guineans as Administration officers, Accountant, Accounts payable and receivable officers and Loans officers. Our focus is our clients, which are all Papua New Guineans. At a low and affordable interest rate, we will continue this service regardless of how fast the business grows. We are committed to serving the underprivileged working Papua New Guineans. We are also mindful that being honest in our business is one of the core values that we promote within the organisation. Our customer service is all the time tailored at meeting the Clients expectancy. We try to continue to improve on the efficiency of our customer service all the time. Hanisi Finance long term vision is to become one of the best financial institutions in the country and will strive to achieve this vision by improving our systems and quality of service provided annually to our clients so that we are seen to be adapting with the changes in the Economy.

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Mr. Peter Pipon
Managing Director
Mrs Rainnia Pipon
General Manageress
Mr Peter John
Operations Manager
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Loan Manager